lunes, 15 de febrero de 2010

Mi Oscuridad

I feel the dark side crawling in
i suck it in with joyful grin
i breath inside and keep it there
this darkness i will not share
Were you with the ones who left me here with nothing more to fear
i sense the pain and taste the blood
i yearn for pain that leaves no scars
Deep down in my darkness
unrighteous dimension of despair
I hit myself against the wall
i hit myself i beat me raw
on the floor i cannot move
in my darkest hour the time has stood
Don't you touch me don't you dare
to brake this silence with words of care
my universe, my darkest cell
Deep down in my darkness
unrighteous dimension of despair
Mirror mirror on the wall how much deeper i shall fall

Mi segunda entrada (y última) para el contest de Zinnabar en DeviantArt de su personaje Dorian de su historia Invierno. Hecho con boligrafo BIC negro y retocado en photoshop con una textura y algun pincelillo. Las escamas fueron de lejos lo mas cansado xD! Pero al final me gusta como ha quedado.

Saludos! (wow, cuanto estoy actualizando ultimamente O.o)

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